As I’ve done public speaking, led workshops, and taught courses at various institutions this has always been my goal. I’ve had the privilege of speaking to families across the country through the National Head Start Association, sharing my story as a head start kid and asking how this organization fits into our broader communities. I’ve also loved speaking with and leading workshops for students of color in colleges and graduate schools on topics including doctoral education, labor organizing in higher education, and the complex ways we as people of color often need to navigate the academy. It’s also been a joy to teach history courses at Union Theological Seminary, Lexington Theological Seminary, and the Hispanic Summer Program. These courses have been completely online and have provided an opportunity to build community and engage diverse learners through technology. To me it’s a profound honor to share the experiences I’ve had in the world, provide space for others to share their experiences, and facilitate conversations that can push us to live in new ways. 

I love creating spaces where people can feel welcomed, challenged, unsettled, and propelled to engage the world in a new way. 

Speaking, Workshops, & Teaching

If I could join some of the conversations you’re having in your community, or teach a course at your institution, please reach out! 

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+ Students/Faculty of Color in Higher Education
+ Vocation and Discernment
+ Life as a PH.D Students of Color
+ Graduate student labor
+ Higher Education
+ The New York Young Lords
+ Religion and Social Movements

Speaking Topics:

+ Vocation and Discernment for Communities of Color
+ Applying to PH.D PRograms
+ Historical Thinking for Non-Academics

Workshop Topics:

+ Methods in Historical Analysis
+ Introduction to U.S. History of Religion (focus on Christianities)
+ 20th century black and brown social movements 
+ Latinx Religious Activism
+ History of Eugenics
+ Puerto Rican Diaspora in the United States
+ Introduction to Liberation Theologies

Teaching Topics: