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November 5, 2021

Project: Evaluation and Re-Writing of Grant Applications and Processes

Organization: Carlos H. Cantu Hispanic Education and Opportunity Endowment at Texas A&M University 

Date: 2021

Description: Central to the work of the Cantu Endowment is providing grants to various constituents that will advance the work of Latinx scholarship. I worked with the Cantu Endowment to solidify their grant offerings, create standard applications for said grants, establish new application processes, and translate these to an online application portal. In addition to this work I helped the organization imagine and develop short term, mid term, and long term goals for the Endowment. These stronger grant processes are merely one foundation the Endowment can build on as it steps into the future. 


  • Standardized Applications for Small Conference, Graduate Student, and Faculty Grants 
  • New Grant Processes 
  • Online Grant Application System (Developed with an IT Professional) 
  • Create a Vision Plan with Short Term, Mid Term, and Long Term Goals for the Endowment 

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