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November 5, 2021

Project: Social Media Systems Overhaul

Organization: Latinx Talk 

Link: https://latinxtalk.org/

Date: 2020

Description: For years Latinx Talk has published strong public-facing academic analysis on Latinx issues without a strong social media presence. I worked with Latinx Talk to develop systems for Social Media Marketing and Management including developing a social media philosophy, establishing analytics systems, creating a social media schedule, and training a social media manager that would continue this work after my tenure. Since completing this work Latinx Talk has more than doubled its Twitter followers, established a vibrant Instagram page and Youtube channel, and Facebook traffic reached an all time high. 


  • Develop a Social Media Philosophy for the Organization 
  • Establish Procedures to assess Analytics through Hootsuite and Facebook Insights  
  • Create a Social Media Posting Schedule 
  • Establish and Advertise new Social Media Platforms including Instagram and Youtube
  • Centralize the Organization’s Brand by Creating Consistency across all Social Media Platforms
  • Train a Social Media Manager to Continue the Work After my Tenure

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