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November 5, 2021

Project: Latinx Recruitment Strategy

Organization: The Admissions Department of Union Theological Seminary 

Link: https://utsnyc.edu/

Date: 2016

Description: Building on my previous experience in higher education admissions with a focus on recruiting students and faculty of color, I worked with the admissions department at Union Theological Seminary to develop a plan for recruiting Latinx students in order to increase the diversity of Union’s student body. I developed  a strategy for establishing relationships with previously untapped markets by travelling to undergraduate institutions across the country, meeting with mentors of Latinx student populations, and maintaining communication with the hopes of establishing an admissions pipeline. Several Latinx students and students of color from these institutions applied for admission to Union in the following two years as a direct result of these efforts. 


  • Recruitment Strategy that focused on Establishing a New Recruitment Pipeline for Students of Color
  • Connection to Previously Untapped Markets for Union Theological Seminary 
  • Develop Relationships with Student Mentors to Increase Visibility of Union Theological Seminary

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