I’ve developed my administrative chops by working in college admissions to improve recruitment of students of color both at the undergraduate and graduate level, working directly under a Provost leading a longitudinal study on race, diversity, and inclusion, strategizing branding and marketing for several institutions of higher education, stepping away from higher education momentarily to work in affordable housing development only to come right back to grant writing and program design. In a lot of ways I’m a builder, I walk with organizations to dream up something big and then build systems that make that dream a sustainable reality. 

I’ve done this with Latinx Talk who hired me to revamp their social media branding, with Morgan State University’s Center for the Study of Religion and the City as I helped them write new policies and procedures on staffing, partnerships, and their board of directors, and with the Cantu Endowment at Texas A&M University as I re-worked their granting system. I’m most proud of how I’ve applied this systems thinking to my work at the Hispanic Summer Program, helping the organization write and receive a $1.8 million grant and now working with the organization full time to transform and expand the programming dreamed in that grant into a sustainable reality. 


I find profound joy in this administrative, systems level work and am always looking to help new partners better serve their communities of concern. 

+ social media systems, management, and Marketing
+ Internal Policy Review (focus on Higher Education)
+ Policy development (focus on Higher Education)
+ Admissions/recruitment for Students and Faculty of Color
+ Organizational Goal Mapping
+ Organizational Budget Systems
+ Grant Writing
+ Grant Applications and Processes
+ Online Teaching and Workshops

Consulting Areas: